July 5, 2021

Vipshop Holdings Stock Analysis (NYSE: VIPS)

Vipshop stock analysis is part of my full analysis of the Chinese E-commerce sector which is an extraordinarily complex environment... Continue reading

April 16, 2021

YY Stock Analysis – Value Vs. Fraud

YY stock representing JOYY Inc traded on the Nasdaq: YY, is a Chinese company in the online streaming business. When... Continue reading

April 7, 2021

Baidu Stock Analysis – Margin Call Crash Creates Opportunity

Here is my Baidu stock analysis video, the Baidu stock analysis full research report continues below the video. Baidu... Continue reading

March 24, 2021

China Yangtze Power Stock Analysis (SHA: 600900 – LON: CYPC) – ESG Stock With Emerging Market Growth

China Yangtze Power stock (SHA: 600900 – LON: CYPC – 10 shares 1 ADR) represents an ESG stock or sustainable... Continue reading

January 31, 2021

NIO Stock 3 Key Risks – Dealing With The Devil

I am looking at emerging markets to find fairly priced value investments as average valuations are lower there than in... Continue reading

January 6, 2021

Aluminum Corporation of China Stock Analysis – ACH Stock – AVOID

This Aluminum Corp of China ACH stock analysis is part of my full aluminum sector analysis. Here is a video discussing... Continue reading

January 10, 2020

Beijing Enterprises Water Stock Is a Great Dividend Growth Stock With A 5% Starting Yield

Beijing Enterprises Water Group Limited Stock Analysis HKG: 0371 If you prefer watching or multitasking, please enjoy the video version... Continue reading

October 15, 2019

BYD Stock Analysis – The Chinese EV Maker Owned by Buffett

BYD Stock and Chinese stocks in general are getting cheap; trade wars, fears of China slowing down and a global... Continue reading

September 5, 2018

Chinese Stocks List – 90 China Stocks with PE, PB and dividend yield plus comment!

Chinese stocks have been severely hit lately which means that there might be investing opportunities. In this article I will... Continue reading