Stock Analysis – A List Of Stock Analyses With Risk And Reward Outlooks (updated constantly)

Stock analysis, or better to say business research is what I do, what my passion is. My goal is to find the best low risk/high reward value investments for my portfolio and for the members of my Stock Market Research Platform.

The stock analysis list is below, but let me first introduce the principles applied to the research and what you can expect.

The stock research and analysis strategy is simple; to turn as many stones as possible with deep valuable analyses that give investors a clear risk and reward perspective. My stock analyses usually include:

  • A long-term stock price evolution analysis – short-term stock price fluctuations don’t tell us much but looking at a stock price over a few cycles can tell you what category a stock fall into – Peter Lynch Stock Market Categorization: Growth stock, Cyclical, Slow Growth, Asset Play, Turnaround, Stalwart.
  • Business analysis – when you know what category the sector and business fall into, you can see what is the story behind the business; does it have a moat, a competitive advantage, what is the likely future growth, what is the profitability etc.
  • Stock fundamental analysis – it is always necessary to check debt levels, possible goodwill impairments, hidden asset values, leases and other financial factors that might impact future investment returns.
  • Cash flow valuation – when you know the story well, then you can conservatively estimate future cash flows and compare those to the market capitalization. This is what gives you a likely business investing yield.
  • Investment conclusion (risk & reward) – a cash flow estimation and valuation is not enough as there are always risks that can materialize and hit a business or there could be management issues, bad takeovers and who knows what can happen that can impact future cash flows and investment returns. So, what I try to do is to make a risk and reward estimation on the investment outlook.
stock analysis - IBM
IBM stock analysis example

I hope my stock analyses save you a lot of research time, save you from investing in highly risky businesses, if that is not what you are looking for, and perhaps give you a few ideas for your portfolio.

As always, what I do based on the research, the long-term coverage of the businesses I find interesting and full sector analyses can be found on my Stock Market Research Platform.

You can download the excel with analyses file here.

Here is how it looks like:

Stock Analysis List by Sven Carlin
Stock Analysis List By Sven Carlin (Free Download)

Stock Analysis List By Sven Carlin (Free Download)

Here are a few examples of a full sector or market analyses :

Amsterdam Stock Exchange – stock by stock

All airport stocks analyzed

Aluminum stocks analyzed

Grocery stocks analyzed

Complete Austrian Stock Market Analyzed – Stock by Stock

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