January 6, 2019

Gazprom stock analysis

Gazprom is one of the most undervalued stocks in the world from a cash flow and book value point of... Continue reading

September 5, 2018

Chinese Stocks List – 90 China Stocks with PE, PB and dividend yield plus comment!

Chinese stocks have been severely hit lately which means that there might be investing opportunities. In this article I will... Continue reading

July 16, 2018

Mercadolibre stock analysis

Mercadolibre (MELI) is often called the Latin American Amazon (AMZN). Given that AMZN's stock is up 50 times over the... Continue reading

July 12, 2018

Argentina Has Great Businesses – ADR stock list

Great investment returns come from buying things nobody wants to touch with a ten foot pole. Argentina might be such... Continue reading

June 19, 2018

Time to Buy Brazilian Stocks?

A 30% market decline tells me there is perhaps an opportunity. The key is to find long term fundamental values,... Continue reading