It is nice to give back when possible. As we have a growing community on YouTube, I thought it would be nice to donate the proceeds from the ads YouTube plays during the videos. I’ll update you on things on this page and perhaps you wish to chip in to some of the projects (those who wish to help, please contact me through the contact form on this page).

Initial plan for 2019 – helping with rebuilding schools in earthquake hit Nepal.

Next project July 2019Nepal school charity project 2 – Sven Carlin (1) EUR 3,334 has been sent thanks to YouTube ads and direct donations of 688 EUR from kind viewers.

June 2019 – 2,354 EUR donation was made to Waldorf Daycare Radovljica Slovenia – for promoting a less corporate education environment. The proceeds have been used to buy flooring. Will put a pic when the project is completed.

February 2019 – I anticipated the Q1 2019 YouTube earnings and sent over 3,000 EUR to the project of refurbishing schools and building toilets in Nepal. Here is a FB link on what we do. Project completed July 2019 – Sven Carlin – Nepal school charity report Project 1 

December 2018 YouTube income $1105 – Donated to the Tenaganita Women’s shelter in Penang, Malaysia.

Support, assistance, aid.
Support, assistance, aid.