September 6, 2020

Apple Stock Analysis Explains Investing Risk

In my recent Intel Stock Analysis video, I discussed how Intel reminds me very much of Apple in 2016 because... Continue reading

August 27, 2020

Intel Stock Analysis – Apple 2016 Déjà Vu

Intel stock analysis content Intel’s stock price action overviewIntel’s business cycle and current situation in the sector - are the... Continue reading

June 23, 2020

Nike Stock Analysis – Great Business But Risky Stock

This Nike Stock Analysis discusses why Nike stock (NYSE: NKE) is not a good buy because the market is pricing... Continue reading

May 5, 2020

Google Stock Analysis – A Bet On Future Growth

Google Stock Analysis Video: When looking at Google (GOOG) (GOOGL), an investor that just read Peter Lynch’s book One... Continue reading

April 14, 2020

Disney Stock Analysis – A Warren Buffett 1966 Déjà vu – you pay for Disney+, you get the rest for free!

Disney Stock Analysis Summary: Disney+ will soon reach the same number of subscribers as Netlix, with a lower cost of... Continue reading

April 10, 2020

Allison Transmission Stock Analysis – A good business with a 12 FCF yield

Alisson Transmission stock analysis summary: Free cash flow yield is 12.9%. Likely to change short term but attractive longer term.Apart... Continue reading

March 9, 2020

3M Stock Analysis – It is About You, Not 3M

You can write a book about investing in 3M stock (stock MMM), the great business it is, the 118,000 patents... Continue reading

March 2, 2020

Carnival Stock Analysis – Timing Is Key

Carnival stock (CCL) has been severely hit due to the coronavirus. The consequences will be felt for a long time... Continue reading

December 19, 2019

Pandora Stock Analysis – The Ultimate Value Trap For Investors Looking At Financials, Not At The Business

Pandora’s stock has been a great investment up to 2016. However, since then the trend has completely reversed. Pandora stock... Continue reading

Metso Stock Analysis – Another Great Business From Finland

Metso stock analysis is another interesting analysis of Finnish businesses. I recently analyzed Nokian Tyres, another good business where you... Continue reading

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