May 7, 2021

Adux stock analysis – EPA: ADUX – Microcap

Adux stock analysis – EPA: ADUX This Adux stock analysis is part of my full, stock by stock analysis of... Continue reading

Accsys Technologies PLC Stock Analysis – 5x Growth Ahead

Accsys Technologies PLC Stock Analysis – LON: AXS AMS: AXS This Accsys Technologies PLC stock analysis is part of my... Continue reading

Accell Stock Analysis – Good Business But Difficult Sector

This Accell stock analysis is part of my full analysis of the stocks traded on the Amsterdam stock exchange. I... Continue reading

April 16, 2021

YY Stock Analysis – Value Vs. Fraud

YY stock representing JOYY Inc traded on the Nasdaq: YY, is a Chinese company in the online streaming business. When... Continue reading

April 13, 2021

Li Lu Himalaya Capital 2021 Interview – Value Investing In Asia

Li Lu, Charlie Munger’s famous Chinese right hand and manager of Himalaya Capital, recently gave an interview for the Columbia... Continue reading

April 7, 2021

Baidu Stock Analysis – Margin Call Crash Creates Opportunity

Here is my Baidu stock analysis video, the Baidu stock analysis full research report continues below the video. Baidu... Continue reading

March 24, 2021

China Yangtze Power Stock Analysis (SHA: 600900 – LON: CYPC) – ESG Stock With Emerging Market Growth

China Yangtze Power stock (SHA: 600900 – LON: CYPC – 10 shares 1 ADR) represents an ESG stock or sustainable... Continue reading

March 15, 2021

Chevron Stock Analysis – Priced For Oil Perfection

Chevron Stock Price Overview CVX stock has strongly benefited from the current rebound in oil prices and the stock is... Continue reading

March 10, 2021

Nutrien Stock Price Update – Cyclial Risks Emerging (Valuation Model Included)

Nutrien Stock Price Analysis NTR stock has rebounded nicely since the March 2020 lows as most stocks did. NTR stock... Continue reading

March 5, 2021

Fresenius Stock Analysis – Solid Healthcare Investment

Fresenius Stock Analysis - Summary Fresenius is an interesting play as the cash flow yield is in the teens, but... Continue reading

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