November 7, 2020

Österreichische Post AG Stock Analysis – Parcels Are Big

Österreichische Post AG Stock Analysis Österreichische Post stock analysis is part of my full, stock by stock analysis, of the... Continue reading

Inelastic Market Hypothesis – You Crash Markets

Who Moves Stock Prices? You Do! Inelastic Market Hypothesis Explains Market Volatility. Here is the less technical video, article explaining... Continue reading

November 5, 2020

Cheniere LNG Stock Analysis – High Potential Returns (FCF kicking in > lower debt)

LNG Stock Analysis - Key factors: Contracted business – predictable cash flows for 18 yearsFree cash flows finally kicking in... Continue reading

November 2, 2020

The Risk And Reward Of Investing In FCX Stock Explained (When to Buy)

The goal of this Freeport-McMoRan stock analysis (NYSE: FCX STOCK) is to explain the risk and reward of investing in... Continue reading

Copper Stocks Investment Thesis (Risk & Reward = When To Buy!)

Investing in copper Investing in copper is done through investing in copper mining stocks or a copper ETF. With copper... Continue reading

October 31, 2020

Very Good Food Stock Analysis (Cannabis Stocks Boom Potential)

Very Good Food stock caught my eye when I saw it on some YouTube thumbnails and then when I was... Continue reading

October 22, 2020

Don’t Fear A Market Crash, Fear An Investing Tragedy (4 Strategies to Avoid it)

One of the biggest fears investors have is a stock market crash (SPY). Nobody likes to see the value of... Continue reading

October 21, 2020

Porr AG stock analysis – VIE: POS (Cheap Value Turnaround)

Porr Ag stock analysis is part of my full, stock by stock analysis, of the Austrian Stock Market that offers... Continue reading

October 20, 2020

Suncor stock analysis – Oil Stock Owned by Buffett (Cheap Stock)

Suncor stock (NYSE:SU) has been one of the most required stocks for me to analyze since the oil stocks crash... Continue reading

October 14, 2020

When To Sell A Stock – 7 Strategies (20% Portfolio Stock Sale Practical Example)

When to sell a stock – the hardest part of investing I’ve recently sold a stock that made 20% of... Continue reading

October 11, 2020

RDS Stock Analysis – A Buy But Be Careful (Not The Best Oil Stock)

This Royal Dutch Shell RDS stock analysis will give you an answer on whether RDS stock, at historical lows today,... Continue reading

October 9, 2020

Oil Stocks At Multi Decade Lows (Oil Will Rebound Medium Term)

Oil stocks like RDS stock or XOM stock haven't been this low since the 1990s. On 2019 expectations, RDS should... Continue reading

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