November 28, 2019

A Currency Crisis Is A Certainty – Inflation Is Already Here

Currency crisis - The long-term debt cycle solution This article is an excerpt from a comprehensive economic report for investors... Continue reading

Next Recession – Stocks Will Likely Go UP!

The Next Recession This article is an excerpt from a comprehensive economic report for investors that can be found here: Comprehensive... Continue reading

Economic Crisis – The $246.5 Trillion Global Debt Mountain Will Not Lead To A Economic Crisis (Just A Currency Crisis)

The Global Economy is Full of DEBT This article is an excerpt from a comprehensive economic report for investors that... Continue reading

November 10, 2019

Southern Copper Stock Analysis – Offering 10% Yearly Returns

Southern Copper Stock Analysis - Summary If you're looking for low-cost mining, high margins, long life assets and growth, SCCO... Continue reading

November 1, 2019

Currency Hedging – Why I Am Not Doing It

Currency Hedging? As I am an international investor, I often get the question on how to hedge for currencies. Many... Continue reading

October 30, 2019

SoftBank Stock is Undervalued by 50%

As an investor, I am always attracted to investing stories that have many things going on for them, but where... Continue reading

October 24, 2019

FTSE 30 Index – Stock By Stock Analysis

FTSE 30 INDEX – Complete individual stock analysis (one by one) When it comes to investing, I tend to agree... Continue reading

October 15, 2019

BYD Stock Analysis – The Chinese EV Maker Owned by Buffett

BYD Stock and Chinese stocks in general are getting cheap; trade wars, fears of China slowing down and a global... Continue reading

October 10, 2019

Flex LNG Stock Analysis – The Big Bet On The LNG Boom

The LNG shipping sector Flex LNG company overview Flex LNG stock fundamentals Flex LNG stock price analysis and earnings model... Continue reading

October 8, 2019

Shipping Investors Have Capitulated – Time to Invest – SEA ETF

Contents Shipping’s terrible past investment performance – is it time to invest now? Shipping investing thesis – without shipping there... Continue reading

October 6, 2019

XOM Stock Analysis – The End of BIG OIL

The biggest risk when it comes to investing in XOM is that the management never stops believing in the everlasting... Continue reading

September 30, 2019

Accounting for investors – Misuse of EBITDA explained

An Accounting Warning by Charlie Munger I am reading Poor Charlie’s Almanack and will discuss the things I find most... Continue reading

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