SCCO stock price is relatively cheap

Southern Copper Stock Analysis – Offering 10% Yearly Returns

Southern Copper Stock Analysis – Summary

  • If you’re looking for low-cost mining, high margins, long life assets and growth, SCCO is for you.
  • On top of being a quality business, it gives you exposure to copper. It is expected that copper prices will increase due to growing demand and limited supply.
  • SCCO pays a healthy dividend alongside promising production growth of 105% over the next seven years.

Southern Copper Corporation Overview

Southern Copper Corporation (SCCO) is one of the best copper miners out there. It owns mining assets with 70 years of mining ahead, and its mining costs are among the lowest in the industry. Given the quality of the assets, the company is investing in growth that should lead to a 105% increase in production by 2026.

Ontop of everything, SCCO gives exposure to copper that has some very interesting fundamentals on its own. You can read my article on why you might regret not having portfolio exposure to copper here.

SCCO Stock Price

Great businesses with great assets and competitive advantages are usually expensively priced. However, SCCO has recently seen some price weakness that creates an interesting buying opportunity.

scco stock price
SCCO stock price

Given the quality of the assets, high cash flows, growth and the positive long-term outlook for copper, it is very likely that the stock will surpass the 2018 high in the coming five years. If the stock reaches $60 over the next five years, it would imply a yearly return of 10% from current levels. Add the dividend current dividend yield of 4.5% and you could even reach 15% per year.

However, there are also some risks. The company is entering into a growth period with high capital expenditures expected over the next five years.

southern copper stock analysis
offering growth and dividends
Southern copper stock analysis

Source: SCCO Investor Relations

The average capital expenditures over the last five years have been around $1 billion. The management is planning to increase the average expenditures to $2 billion, with peak capex of $3 billion in 2021.

If copper prices remain subdued, in combination with high capex requirements, I think the company could be forced to cut the dividend. A dividend cut is something few investors like and would put more pressure on the stock. On the other hand, it might represent a great opportunity for those who would love to buy a great asset at a great price. That is the card I am playing with SCCO; I know I might miss much of the upside, but sometimes, if yo’re patient, you might just get the opportunity to buy a low-risk/high-reward investment. The more such investments you follow, the more opportunities you’ll get. You only need a few in a decade.

If you wish to hear more about the company and my reasoning, please enjoy the video below.

SCCO Stock video content

  • 0:00 Introduction
  • 2:24 Company overview
  • 3:59 Investment thesis and earnings model
  • 5:52 My investing approach to SCCO
SCCO stock analysis video

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