Should I Invest? It is a Positive Sum Game

Should I invest in stocks?

Investing in stocks is a positive sum game. By being careful in what you invest in, you can reap many positive returns just from how things work in this world. The economy, other people, trade and technology all work in your favor.

Stocks went up 280 times over the last 85 years. Take advantage of it.

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What should I invest in?

The key is to invest in things that will do well over time no matter what. Stocks benefit from economic growth, their business earnings create your returns, and over the long term you are protected from inflation.

Why should I invest?

Except from protecting yourself from inflation, if you don’t invest, the value of your money is eaten away slowly day by day. You need $25 today to purchase what you could had bought with $1 back in 1913. On top of everything, the global economy will continue to grow and develop, stock earnings will grow and your dividends will grow.

How much should I invest?

That is personal, but even a small amount will develop a habit, which is the key for long term investing success.

What stocks should I invest in?

You can invest in mutual funds, which is a good option if you don’t want to think and look for better investment opportunities. If you are willing to put some effort, you can find better and better investments that protect your capital and give you higher returns over the long term.

Should I invest in bitcoin?

Investing in cryptocurrencies is the opposite of investing in stocks. Stocks have dividends which lead to positive returns, stocks are parts of businesses that own assets that generate profits. Those assets protect you from inflation. Cryptocurrencies like bitcoin and Ethereum only depend on whether somebody is willing to pay more for them and there is a hefty fee related to every transaction that makes it a negative sum game. This can be seen by the big swings in cryptocurrency prices, an example is the ripple price.

What should I invest in 2018?

The key when investing is to create a portfolio of assets that are going to do the work for you but where you will also be diversified. This means that you should look to build your investment portfolio over time. More about that in tomorrow’s video about my portfolio.

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