How am I investing and how much research I do?

Investing is a very important topic for all of us. However, not all of you can dedicate a lot of time to it. I do research all day long and still the time is never enough. Plus, given a Ph.D. in financial risk management, 3 years of teaching International financial accounting at university level and researching stocks, listening to conference calls and reading annual reports day in and day out, I think I have some skills that few retail, part-time investors have. That is normal for the way we live, I am sure you are much better than me at surgery if you are a surgeon, law if you are a lawyer, software if you are a engineer or in whatever your specialty is.

In the follow video I discuss what I do and how I go about investing.

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2 thoughts on “How am I investing and how much research I do?

  1. Hey Sven,

    While your videos have a lot of valuable information and I appreciate the material, the fact that you got your PhD from a Hogeschool really takes away from your merit, with all due respect.

    1. First, I was teaching accounting at a Hogeschool, I got my Ph.D. at a normal scientific University if that matters. Secondly, none of that matters in this business, investment returns is the key differentiator, let’s focus on that:-)

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