FTSE 30 Index – Stock By Stock Analysis

FTSE 30 INDEX – Complete individual stock analysis (one by one)

When it comes to investing, I tend to agree with Charlie Munger: “All you need in life is a few good investments”. That’s it.

However, the difficulty comes in finding a few great investments, separating the good from the crowd and, the most difficult part, buying big when the price is right. I believe that one can buy big when the price is right if one knows:

  • What is one’s expected investment return? If you wish for investment returns of 10%, you need to find great businesses that create at least 10% of their stock price in new value for the owners.
  • What is a ‘great business’? For me, a great business, is a business that has a competitive advantage, is likely to continue to expand thanks to it, operates in a sector with positive structural tailwinds and has a strong balance sheet that allows it to weather all kind of short-term economic or other pressures.
  • Where to look for great businesses that offer double digit business yields? Well, if it would be easy to find them, everybody would find them. Therefore, the only option is to go through long lists of businesses, one by one. Fortunately, the above criteria quickly eliminate 99% of the candidates so it actually isn’t an endless quest. All you need is a few.

With the above motto; ‘all I need is a few’, I will analyse all the businesses included in the FTSE 30 Index, one by one, to find those that might fit the above strict criteria. I am happy in finding a few good businesses per year. I put those on my covered businesses list and closely follow them. When their price gets to the right level, I buy. This makes investing much easier in comparison to chasing various possible trades or short-term benefits. In a world where most invest in index funds or quick trades, nobody looks at the potential a business will have in 2025. This is our advantage and therefore meticulous research is what can lead to extraordinary returns over the long-term. Let’s start.

Numbers don’t tell the whole story when it comes to investing, but usually help. Therefore, here you have an excel file with the numbers for the 30 stocks, from return on equity to PE ratios alongside industry averages. Data is compiled from various sources and should be only used for indicative purposes.

To download:

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